A Professionally Whitened Smile Needs to Be Maintained

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When chronic dental stains affect the teeth in your smile it can leave you feeling self-conscious and socially awkward. Significant stains that alter the color of your tooth enamel can also be frustrating if you try to remove them with retail strength tooth whitening products.


In a situation like this, you should consider scheduling a dental bleaching treatment at Dr. Bryan and Dr. Davis’s dental offices. The potent whitening agents and professional tools used by them ad their staff can safely whiten your smile without harming your mouth.  


After the white luster of your smile has been fully restored you will still need to take some basic steps and adopt some simple daily habits to prevent future dental stains.


It will certainly help to reduce your consumption of certain dark foods like chocolate and dark berries. Cutting back on dark beverages like coffee, tea, and dark soda beverages will also help. If you do want to consume enjoy one of these beverages you might want to use a straw.


Tobacco users are at increased risk of suffering dental staining issues. If you smoke or use chewing tobacco, you should also consider embracing a cessation program through your primary physician. This will help reduce your chances of suffering tobacco-related health conditions while also helping to preserve the white gleam of your teeth.


If you like, you could also brush your teeth occasionally with a whitening toothpaste that has been approved by the American Dental Association.


If you live in Medford, Oregon, and you have noticeable dental stains on the teeth in your smile, you might want to call 541-779-3993 to set up a dental bleaching treatment at Northwest Dental Associates’s dental offices.