Common Questions About Oral Emergencies

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At any given time, an oral emergency can arise. Whether from the result of accumulated damage over time, or an oral accident or injury, oral emergencies often depend upon quick thinking and timely treatments to ensure that an ideal recovery is possible. Listed below are some common questions about oral emergencies:

How can you save your smile after an oral emergency?
a.) By following safe and effective guidelines for your individual situation
b.) By letting the emergency run its course before taking action
c.) By panicking and making rash and unwise decisions in the heat of the moment
d.) By calling your friends and posting your injury immediately on social media

True or False: Biting your lip or gums could lead to infections.
a.) True
b.) False

True or False: Teeth that have been knocked out may be able to be saved.
a.) True
b.) False

What are some common oral emergencies that can occur?
a.) Teeth knocked out
b.) An object stuck between your teeth
c.) Cracked or fractured teeth
d.) All of the above

Answer Key: a, a, a, d

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