Crowns Will Fix your Smile

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When you have problems with your smile – from cracks in your teeth to tooth decay or even gum disease – there’s a great way to fix them. That involves the use of dental crowns, installed by our professionally trained staff here at Northwest Dental Associates in Medford, Oregon.

Let’s take a deeper look at the dental crown process and how it can benefit you.

How do crowns work?

Crowns are actually some of the simplest cosmetic dentistry options available. They’re essentially what they sound like – a crown, or “cap” that covers a damaged or decayed tooth.

Dr. Bryan and Dr. Davis will first take a look at the tooth (or teeth) in need of a crown. Then, they will take a mold of other teeth to make your crown match the other teeth in your mouth.

The affected tooth is then ground away to remove the damaged part of it, leaving a bit of tooth left called an abutment. The crown, usually made from a ceramic material, is then cemented on top of the abutment.

Do they look and feel real?

A common question asked about crowns is how they’ll look, feel, and function in your mouth. Crowns are designed to replicate real teeth. However, since they’re designed like real teeth, you do need to remember to keep your crowns cleaned just like your normal teeth. This will ensure they last as long as possible.

If you have problems with your smile and think crowns can fix the ailments, call us today at 541-779-3993 to schedule a consultation appointment.