Flossing Is Important For Your Oral Health

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Chances are that the person reading this has been told during a dental check-up that they need to floss more often. This isn’t too shocking, as over 80% of dental patients confess to their dentist they do not practice regular flossing.

We at Northwest Dental Associates are sure that you have heard how important flossing is to the health of your teeth. Well, we are going to tell you again: you should be flossing on a daily basis! There are places that flossing cleans that you can’t reach while simply brushing, and this is why flossing is vital.

Food particles and plaque build-up can get stuck in between teeth. By flossing daily, you remove them and help keep your teeth from developing tooth decay or cavities. Flossing regularly also cleans your gum line from plaque and will keep the gums from developing gingivitis. In addition, flossing will aid in the prevention of bad breath.

We understand if flossing is a difficult habit for you to form. That’s why we offer a couple tips to help! You should feel free to use floss picks or floss handles as a quick and effective way of flossing that will save time compared to traditional flossing. If you’re the type who simply forgets to floss, you could try setting a daily reminder in your smartphone or tablet or perhaps putting a sticky note to remind you on the bathroom mirror.

If you are true to your teeth, they won’t be false to you! Be sure to schedule your regular check-up in Medford, Oregon, by calling Northwest Dental Associates at 541-779-3993 to schedule an appointment with your friendly dentists, Dr. Bryan and Dr. Davis today.