Fun Facts About Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

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Have you ever wondered why baby bottle tooth decay so prevalent? Baby bottle tooth decay in young children occurs far more frequently than it should. The main culprit accountable for the elevated number of cases is sugar. Sugar actively wears down tooth enamel and generates harmful acids capable of causing dental erosion. In many instances, the sugars that affect your child may be coming from their bottle.

As soon as the first tooth erupts above a child’s gum line, it is susceptible to decay. Guarding your child’s teeth begins with brushing them every single day at this point. Furthermore, making sure their mouths stay clean and safe from contamination and harmful products is also imperative.

If you wish to share cleaning tools or other instruments with your child, never transfer between your mouths until they are sanitized. Doing so before they are clean can lead to contamination and even expose you child to new bacteria. Additionally, any drinks that you place in your child’s bottle should be sugar-free. Sugar water, sports drinks, and juice can all do harm to your child’s teeth. Also be sure that your child never sleeps with the bottle in their mouth, as this can allow any liquid present more time to harm your child’s precious teeth.

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