Oral Health Wonders: Plaque Buildup Treatments and Prevention

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Are you aware of the risks involved with plaque buildup that is left untreated on your teeth and gums? In order to effectively keep your smile safe, it is important to remove the thin layer of debris and bacteria that often lies on your teeth and gums. If plaque goes untreated, it can eventually harden into tartar, which will be much more difficult to remove and can lead to further oral health risks.

As plaque remains one of the leading causes of dental damage in people, the need to clean your mouth out is greater than ever. Lowering the risk of plaque buildup includes always practicing effective brushing and flossing routines every single day. If you are skipping oral hygiene routines, you are drastically putting your smile at risk of several forms of bacteria and infection.

If it is not removed in time, plaque buildup can give rise to tartar, which is a difficult substance to remove and often requires the use of professional treatments.  If you need additional help keeping your mouth clean and free of plaque buildup, visit your dentist for bi-annual professional cleanings.

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