The Functions and Types of Dental X-rays

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At Northwest Dental Associates, we use dental X-rays to take a closeup look at your smile and have a clear and highly accurate image of your oral health that we can refer to when providing dental care. Dental X-rays are crucial to helping us understand your dental health and its needs. We offer a review on the uses of dental X-rays and how the different types perform comprehensive and preventive services for your oral health.

Here are some important functions that a dental X-ray can provide during your visit:

– Identify tooth decay developing among the teeth
– Determine if gum disease caused the loss of bone structure in the jawbone
– Scan the surrounding structure of dental fillings to detect any tooth decay
– Evaluate the extent of dental infection around a tooth root tip
– Evaluate your smile’s overall structure and health before providing treatment

These types of dental X-rays may be used during your visit:

– Bitewing X-rays show the structure of the tooth from bone to crown
– Periapical X-rays look at the tooth from root to crown, revealing the full structure
– Occlusal X-rays can see the whole of the upper and lower jaws and teeth arches

Northwest Dental Associates strives to offer the most beneficial dental technology to have a better understanding of your oral health, and you are welcome to contact our office at 541-779-3993 today to speak with our dentists, Dr. Bryan and Dr. Davis, about the uses of dental X-rays in Medford, Oregon.